Friday, July 13, 2012

Haiku Monday: You Talkin' to Me?

Earlier this week Ms. Serendipity got it into her head to award me the win for her Haiku Monday challenge and so here I am, posting this week's challenge.

I admit it. I've been a slacker blogger lately. It's not that I don't have anything to talk about, bitch about, or rave about, it's just that I'm so busy with so many projects that when I do have down time, I'm . . . sleeping. Or running. Or planning intricate ways in which to sabotage the vehicle of the twerpy tween who pulled her stupid car in through the out door at the mall the other day, thus forcing me to stand my vehicular ground while she backed up, screaming curses and flipping me the bird all the while.

Honestly, is THIS what parents are teaching their kids today? To do whatever the hell they please regardless of the actual and metaphorical arrows pointing them in life's right direction and then throwing temper tantrums when they don't get their way? Had I had my gun with me, I most likely would have shot her tires out, I was that mad.


Regarding my blogger slackitude: It's nothing personal. I adore each and every one of you who drops by my little corner of the virtual universe and miss those wild and wacky days of furious back-and-forth-ing. Is this a case of all good things must come to an end, or just a bit of a lull?

I don't know.

What I do know is, right now? I have a topic for this week's Haiku Monday contest.

Give me your two or three best 5-7-5's that in some way—directly or indirectly—deal with the theme of:


Post here. You'll have until midnight EST on Monday, July 16th to do so.


Boxer said...

Perhaps in the future, the blogging well will be full again, but for now I'm happy to participate in Haiku Monday. Great topic and you're my hero for standing your ground even though you received the wrath of an idiot. I blame the "Everybody is a winner" attitude.

I'll get to work......

Rafael said...

A meltdown from my youth:

You pick on me 'n
Pick on me...tomorrow gon'
Tag yo ass; ya' HO!

The original rant was a bit more winded, bombs blasting in air and all, but I think you get the general gist.

I'll see what else I can come up with and, perhaps a visual if I'm capable...

Blessings & SMILES--


Rafael said...

Oops, forgot to tag for e-mails. Gotta see what everyone else comes up with...

=) Rafa

czar said...

"Directly or indirectly." Heartwarming words.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

It seems as if there has been a serious case of every one needing to earn a living. I like you, am one. My net access time has been seriously curtailed as of late. Spending much time either underway or underwater.

A suggestion for teaching the young miscreant a lesson:

Twerpy tween car
Meet Smith and Wesson, Twenty Nine
Engine block Be Gone

By the way if you ever have a chance to get your hands on a Model 29. It was one of the finest revolvers made. Well balanced and accurate. One of my personal favorites.

Rafael said...


I'm UP & I'm OUT!!! (road trip)

Have a GREAT weekend, and sending you my most superst, sexiest SMILE ever, in hopes it might calm your fuming beast!!


Click HERE

becca said...

yay love the topic boy are my wheels a turning.

BlazngScarlet said...

I too have been a slack-ass-blogger of late.
Between getting my Dad's room ready for move-in, other home projects and having to (GAH) WORK this summer (I normally take them off to be with the Boys), I find my time stretched to the max.

Congratulations on the win ... the haiku is awesome!
I hope to play this week as I am completely "psyched" about the theme! lol :D

Anonymous said...


You need a welded on beam bumper like Curm described in a blog. Then you could do this effectively:

Aunty Belle said...

That great scene from Fried Green Tomatoes TOWANDA! comes to mind:

I 'se tempted to combine yore two thoughts:

Vengeance is a'comin' to blog slackers!

Whaddya mean "work"? we always worked. Methinks thar's more to it --shure, the whole social media stuff drains time, an' yes' we's travelin' to an fro, but, honestly, Moi, if we's honest wif' ourselves, I wonder iffin' thar' ain't other factors at work?

Think I'll post on this topic.

Anyhoo, I'se been AWOL on HM a bit, mostly 'cause I'se on the road. I'se home now an will git mah self in gear fer VENGEANCE!

moi said...

Boxer: Kids these days. I could go on, but I won't. I hope you can play this week!

Rafe: Your visuals are as fun as your haiku—I love what you do with our avatars. And wherever did you find those boots?

Czar: That's me: Miss Heartwarming America.

Karl: My weapon of choice is a S&W .38, but I'll check out the 29 for sure. I love revolvers. They're idiot proof :o)

Becca: Glad you like the topic. Looking forward to your 'ku!

Blazng: Oh, hon, I can imagine all the work to move your dad in. I hope it goes well. And I look forward to a "blazing" haiku!

Anon: Hah! I need a tee shirt that says, "No, I'm not menopausal. I just have a hair trigger temper."

Aunty: Good point. I've always been busy. Well, not THIS busy, but still. Maybe just a general ennui. A need to recharge and regroup. I hope you can play this week! I've missed your wise ways with words.

lx said...

My own view is that blogging should be a fun hobby, not an obligation.

That said, I personally do hope you remain. :)

fishy said...

I am still partial to,
"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"
There is such a thing as being too late to be sorry.

As for the twit in the parking lot ... well let me just say you must be kin to Blowfish. He has plenty to say about the current batch of teens lack of understanding of anything beyond "self". He would applaud tire shooting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Moi,

Interesting theme. Here are my 3. Only 1 visual.

Garbage raiding bear
thumped with rubber bullet. Mad.
Trashed 3D targets.

Pine squirrel - constant yap.
Just outside; yap, bark, bark! Yeesh!
Shut up! Sploosh. Heh, heh.

(Note that I looked up syllables in squirrel and found the answer is 2 or 1, depending. I say it "skwirl" the so called British way, so I am using it as 1.)

Bait redhead temper.
Pick on little eighth grade girl.
Watch Larry fly high!

fishy said...

" Avenge not yourselves"
Sayeth Romans twelve:nineteen.
A commandment? No :-)

Once upon a Beau ...
Now? I fantacize his death
via my scorn'd wrath !

becca said...

here are my poems for fun and should you chose please stop by on Monday to see the photos I chose to go with them they give the words a whole new meaning. thanks for letting me play.

chills slide down my back
fear hits me like a harsh wave
vengeance tasted sweet

tears slide down her face
life's essence drips from mouth
vengeance is taken

chickory said...

I left a full commentary on Auntys Ether blog about the blogging lull

- but about "kids today":

I just finished teaching a summer art camp. Its not on the top of my list to do because many of todays children are pitifully lazy and entitled. As the art teacher, I told some of my students (9-11 year olds) some straight up hard facts. Goes somethin' like this:

"ms chickory, is this good?"

"not really. you just pushed the brush around for a few seconds, rushed through the process and now you see the results. I ask you, Child, do you think this is good?"


"why dont we start again? I will help you, but you need to stay focused on the task at hand and not rush through to get to the next stage. If you want to get better at art you have to work at it; its like baseball, or dancing, or any other skill."

Let me tell you what "false praise" gets you: girls in the parking lot who have never been told what time it is. False praise is so readily given in art it makes me sick - but as I told another instructor: if you do this, your opinion will be devalued because in his heart of heart, a child knows when he has worked at something and when he has banged out crap. If you praise crap - you have identified yourself as a moron to that child.

grrrrrrrrr I could write on this all night.

Im taking a break from Haiku, but look foreward to reading all the entries.

congrats on your win last week!

BlazngScarlet said...

The slack-ass blogger (me) has found a bit of time to come up with a haiku.

Hell hath no fury!
A gas tank full of salt; cure!
Vengeance can be sweet

I'm up ... with visuals.

foam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
foam said...

vengeance is not mine :-/
however, if looks could kill
plenty folks would croak .. :-}

it occurs to me that it's been about a month since i've last posted. i've missed a few haiku weeks and have been remiss with visiting fellow bloggers. i should do better with at least visiting folks.

i'm not in the habit of flipping the bird .. usually ..
the last time i did though it was towards a carfull of male teens.

czar said...

I got nothing (so far) this week, so I'll offer up my all-time favorite Haiku Monday haiku, delivered by a onetime participant on the topic of fog, but I think it works as well for vengeance. A moment of canine haiku:

The postman is here
to kill us all: bark, bark, bark,
bark, bark, bark, bark, bark.

chickory said...

many good personal and universal haiku, but Czars is my favorite so far - a persistent barking dog is a perfect model of vigilance.

moi said...

Heh. Foam's makes me crack right the heck up. So does Czar's. Whose was that?

Chickory: I've learned more by having people telling me I suck than the other way around. Lying to someone about their abilities is about the worst thing you can do to them. It betrays everyone involved down to their essential core.

grins said...

Rain with a vengeance.

Fires destroy homes and forest.

A sapling peeks out.

Rafael said...

Sorry, I have a couple more:

Palpitating wrath
Swells to burst; ejaculates
Vengeance born in womb

(I've added visuals to my original post;

2nd one's more for giggles:

Hot blooded stallion
Engine's revving; flips you off
"Va fangool, Motha'..."

I see dead people...I've been waiting for you. (sorry, that's just creepy).

LOL! Even better for vengeance!!

Difference between a teacher (be them by profession or not) and a garbage can? One puts it in its place and the other just accepts it.

Not only will you be marked as a moron, but prove that you can be a moron and still get ahead in the world.



Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Plenty of food for thought with this topic. As well as with the other issue of blog time.

I will leave the first 2 to judge. The others are from a rambling mind hanging at a decompression stop, watching the bubbles rise.

Greet with open hand
Benefit of the doubt yours
Betrayal will cost

Nuclear vengeance
Mutually assured that
Nobody will win

Will vengeance beget vengeance
Karmatic concern

Once said, of vengeance
It is not for mere revenge.
But devastation

Escalate the cause
Total annihilation
Price given to win

Aunty Belle said...

Summer suffering
with smug Personal Trainer?
Chocolat framboise.

czar said...

The barking haiku was courtesy of Roxie,, who might be a blogger pal of grins/curmy. That's a guess.

Hmm, just had a couple thoughts on vengeance. Another deadline . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey Karl, you must have been at depth for a while to have that much decompression thinking time! Quite a collection to ever remember long enough to get to a computer. Impressive.

Blaze, I have heard sugar burns up engines, how does salt work? You must have been pretty torqued. Loved the visual.

I was hoping Fishy had a visual of her hero taking down the bad guy, but no. Nice 'ku Fishy.

Good turnout Moi. You are going to have to do a little work this week.

Becca keeps on getting better.

Glad to see Curm back. I can see why his mind is on forest fires!

czar said...

Genetics wins out.
Resenting the folks . . . but then?
Dad’s in the mirror.

Take that, Professor!
Adequate English major
Cleans up Ulysses.

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moi said...

Thanks to everyone for playing this week. Good stuff. Also, good to see Curm out and about. I'm away from my desk for most of today, but will probably have a winner either this p.m. or tomorrow. Happy Tuesday!