Monday, July 23, 2012

Haiku Monday: Fiery

Taste buds stung, then numb.
Eyes brim, forehead sweats. Yowza!
Pleasure's worth the pain.

* * *

Our hostess for this week's Haiku Monday is none other than the fiery Ms BlazngScarlet herself. Head on over to her 'hood to catch some of the heat, why don't cha?


Anonymous said...

Oooo! Bite the Pepper?

I still remember when I bit into a Scotch Bonnet, not knowing what it was...Yowza is right, but that was NOT worth the pain.


BlazngScarlet said...

YOWZA is right!
My mouth is burning just looking at all those lovely peppers! lol
The beauty is, the visual just made me sweat more! lol

Excellent haiku!
Good luck and thanks for playing!

Buzz Kill said...

"forehead sweats" reminds me of a story.

I remember (some years back) going to a Mexican Food cooking class taught by a local executive chef. He gave a couple of minute talk on how to safely handle peppers.

About half way through the class, we all noticed his forehead turning bright red. Here he had taken off his gloves, handled some peppers and rubbed the sweat from his forehead. I guess he unknowingly did it while talking to us. We all had a good laugh as he patted his head with a wet towel.

Rafael said...

We are what we eat
From our head to our feet
We eat with our hands
We eat with our heart
We're the sum of each part
NOT a la cart
We sing a sweet tune
We stir with our spoon
(wooden, of course)
We knead and we roll
As we push and we pull
We simmer and stew
As we bubble and brew
You wanna da peppa?
We giva da peppa!
You wanna spicy meatball?
We give da spicy meatball!
But like a fine wine
First letta you breath
Then peppa ya' up
Getta ready to SEETHE!

IDK, just came to me...sorta my ode to spice and everything rowdy!!

GREAT haiku! Lyrical, as always, light and airy! LOVED IT!



czar said...

@Buzz: I worked on a book some years back called The Chili Pepper Diet. Talked a good bit about growing and preparing chiles, in particular what parts of one's body one shouldn't touch without a serious cleaning of the hands first. The forehead could be the least of someone's problems.

moi said...

Serendpity: Some peppers, while blazing hot, still retain a certain flavor. Others do not. Ouch.

Blazng: Have fun with your first adventure in HM hosting/judging!

Buzz: Bwahahahaha! Good story.

Rafe: No one can spice up an ode like you can!

Czar: Thing is, it's really difficult to effectively clean one's hands of chile pepper sting. Wearing gloves is a must.