Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Haiku Monday WINNER

Once again, the Crack Monkeys of Haiku Mondays did not disappoint. Oogey bodily mis-functions (is it just me, or do any of you also insist on separate bathrooms?), cortisol bloat, earthquakes, spine aches, deadline grind, bid shock, and changing room horror. All of it stressful in some way, shape, and form, all of it vividly (ah-hem, Rafe) illustrated here.

To the point where—bummer!—I have to show some resolve and pick a winner. Since the hounds of deadline hell are still nipping at my heels, I will have to make this brief. Here, in no particular order, are the ones that resonated most strongly with me.

Scout's squeeze JT chimed in with a couple, including what I believe is the only haiku that hinted at a solution to stress: fuggedaboutit, don't worry, be happy.
The silent killer
unseen by most but all feel.
Defense? Live with joy.

Fishy, last week's winner, with this giggle-inducer:
What size are these slacks:
The zipper seems . . . Oh! My! God!
Rear view mirror stress.

Corey Jo, encapsulating one of my all-time biggest stressors:
Cabinets and floors,
Counter tops, tubs and faucets.
Grand total is WHAT!!!!

(Yeah, yeah the HOME improves, but the owner, she never recovers.)

Czar, who deserves double bonus points for making me crack my Merriam's.
Beer? White bread? Forfend!
Wack physiques courtesy of
Cortisol. Brain . . . gut.

The grinning curmudgeon, who should hurry up and become a famous humor writer, already, I need a coattail to ride, with this bittersweet morsel:
Fretting and fuming
My pitiful excuses
I dream of running.

But the bittersweetest of all was this one, by Karl:
Mothers ore, steel strength
Induced fatigue, cause to fail
Is Willow stronger?

And, also our WINNER. Because it's just so pretty, has a marvelous rhythm, and builds to ask a very important question: How best to deal with stress? With steely resolve or flexibility?

So, Karl, as winner you have the honor of choosing a topic and hosting next week!


czar said...

Congratulations, Karl, on your perpetually fine showings and your taking the stress test.

I'm not sure about my double bonus points, though, Moi. From reading about you and SB, I imagine it's the concept of the "wack physique" that threw you.

grins said...

Yeah us cortisol freaks gotta stick together. A couple more twinkies and I'm applying for a Ripply's award.

Awesome Karl. I know of no tougher stress warriors than mothers. I know that's not what you were referring to but I threw it in for free.

Thank you Moi for your hard work.

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Thank you, Moi and The Haiku Peeps (is your video up yet?). It's been a little stressful around the eggplant kitchen too. Thanks for your inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Nice job Moi, can't argue with your favorites. Yeah, Fishy's was good for a laugh for sure.

Karl, great job, really on all of yours. Look forward to your theme.

Moi, did you get to see the eclipse where you are? I am thinking you were close to perfect location... Our version was pretty impressive if not full ring of fire. Anybody else out westerly get good viewing?

chickory said...

Congrautlations Karl! You always turn in excellent Haiku - nice to see you take the prize for this one. Thanks for hosting Moi when you are so busy.

Grumpy Granny said...

Congratulations, Karl! It was truly a lovely haiku, well deserved. Looking forward to your choice of theme.

foam said...

Congrats to Karl!

fishy said...

Thanks Moi for hosting this week :-)
Excellent subject and adjudications as always. Delighted I could induce a giggle or two in the busy schedule.

Whooooo! Hooooooo! to Karl .
My vote is yes "willow" is stronger.
However, I am not interested in having my bridges built of them.
Looking forward to next week's challenge.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Thank you it's an honor. You're a host of the finest kind! Thank you all for your congratulations. A fine performance by everyone this week. Personally I thought JT had the win. Sir, may you find time to participate with us again.

I have a question for the collective. Due to the holiday weekend can we postpone until the next week? June 4 would be the deadline date. I would be happy to host then and would post a topic by June 1.

czar said...

Karl: Speaking for the czarist element of the collective, in my world, anything Karl says goes.

Rafael said...

Congrats, Karl! Little bird kept nagging at me that yours would win, although I agree, JT's was AWESOME!

Moi, your hosting is always a delight and a blessing. I hope you win again soon, so as we can all be welcomed back into your crack...I mean house...I mean, uhmm...?!?!?

haha...sorry (sorta)


Anonymous said...

Sounds perfectly logical Karl. Long weekend, lots of folks are busy. I may be somewhere without power, but with bears. (I am entertaining myself with eclipse 'kus anyway this week.)

Moi, nice job hosting foe Fishy this week. Hope you WILL get a break this weekend.

moi said...

June 4th is a great idea! I'll be less slammed by then, too. I think . . .

Thanks everyone for playing and Karl, I look forward to your topic!

fishy said...

@ Karl
See you on the 4th :-)

CoreyJo said...

Congrats Karl, well done!

Thanks MOI for hosting. I promise to document the whole thing a let you know when I blog it!! Wish me luck!!

Wonderful haiku by all. I really did miss this. I'm glad I made it this week.

See you all after the holiday!!


Scout said...

JT says thank you for the mention, Moi!! I've been covered up trying to end my fiscal year so sorry I have missed so many haiku Mondays. Crappy excuse, yeah? Muuuuah!

Scout said...

Also Karl, congratulations on your win! I always love your entries!! We will play when you are ready to host!!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Happy Friday fellow Haiku enthusiasts. The topic is up. It is hurricane. I look forward to your entries.