Friday, May 18, 2012

Haiku Monday: STRESS

Ms. Fishy, the winner of Serendipity's truncated but rollicking 'ku contest earlier this week, has kindly asked me to host in her stead this week. So here ya go, you Haiku Crack Monkeys. Your theme is:


Deal with it in any way you like. Then drop it off here—up to two to be judged—and let me know if you're also up at your own blog with images.

Y'all have until Monday at midnight EST and I'll judge sometime Tuesday/Wednesday and reveal a winner.

Good luck!


BlazngScarlet said...

Haiku Crack Monkeys ... BWAHAHAHAHA!

I look forward to this weeks entries as the theme is quite timely.

Thanks for hosting MOI! =)

grins said...

I left one at the bottom of my Dark and Stormy Night Article of front page of my blog.

Fretting and fuming
My pitiful excuses
I dream of running.

Anonymous said...

Perfect theme for the time Moi/Fishy!

What has my week looked like? See below.

AARRRGH! Delayed bid tour;
Boss has cold feet, in tour calls –
“I may cancel this!”

Critical deadline.
Net speed is below dialup.
Gov needs data NOW!

Visuals are at

fishy said...

I am always amazed by those who remain distant from a known issue until it negatively impacts them.

The real stress, beyond the frustration of extremely slow internet, is dealing with those who will not deal.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that Fishy!

My boss, the guy who needs the answers has told me in no uncertain terms that he does not to hear any more about the problem - I have been spearheading the move, for our whole field office, to make the problem understood, partly because HE assigned ME to the computer committee...Go figure. My supervisor warned me to not mention it again. The explanation? Boss can't fix it, so he does not want to hear about it.

Huh? I guess I am too dense to understand that one.


czar said...

How bad is it? I'm
Looking forward to reading
Vatican II Tales.

Anonymous said...

Talk about STRESS Moi, that video gives me Calcutta Syndrome just viewing it with no sound! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


fishy said...

What size are these slacks?
The zipper seems .... Oh! My! God!
Rear view mirror stress.

grins said...

good one fishy

grins said...

Red:Used to do some typesetting with my wife. Nothing like deadlines and quotas.

Anonymous said...

I'm up with visuals. Hopefully all links, etc. will work:

Responsible one,
Life’s decisions never end.
No stress equals dead.

Layers shift and press.
Geologic stress bears down,
Makes brilliant result.

czar said...
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czar said...

Beer? White bread? Forfend!
Wack physiques courtesy of
Cortisol. Brain . . . gut.

grins said...

That one was enlightening Czar.

Anonymous said...

You punched a button Friday.

I have another entry now. Please use my first and this last as my entries.

Fault line lies quiet,
But tension builds endlessly,
Until one last stress!

Visuals are at



czar said...

Curmy: Long ago in the Haiku Monday realm, I seem to have forfeited whatever artistic bent I possess in favor of (a) passing along information or (b) brutal personal revelations hidden amid inscrutable word combinations. Probably also explains why I haven't won in a while.

Aunty Belle said...

Spinal stress L-4
decompression therapy:
Corsican summer.

fishy said...

Tsunami debris
threatens sea life, shores, budgets.
Robin Hood invoice.

Rafael said...

Hey, MOI!!!

I got a bit of stress for ya':

System under fire
Situation all F'd UP
Peeing out my ASS!!!

Visual at:



Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

This week's contribution from a haiku enthusiast.

Mothers ore, steel strength
Induced fatigue, cause to fail
Is Willow stronger?

Spring now almost gone
Summer projects coming on
Where does the time go?

Life's autumn comes
Lines of worry so hard earned
Adds to her beauty

Please judge first and last.

chickory said...

these are from J.T. - Scout's man. if he wins, she will host on her blog.

The silent killer
unseen by most but all feel
Defense? Live with joy

Dead without knowing
the sword of Damocles hangs
Fear not life's trials

chickory said...

cortisol cocktail:
multiple projects; no time
no more chillaxin'

fishy said...

Triple Crown racer
Belmont decider in three!
Where is the bet Troll?

CoreyJo said...

Wow! Lots of competition this week.
Here's my entry.

My Dream

Cabinets & floors,
Counter tops, tubs & faucets.
Grand total is WHAT!!!!


moi said...

Oh, you all just made me laugh and laugh this week--thank you! Little nuggets of fun, all of you. Who deserve a good write up, which I do believe I will have time to write. If not today, then certainly tomorrow.

In the meantime, just keep drinking . . . I mean, exercising . . . I mean, not looking in mirrors.

I mean: Do what you can to GET THROUGH.