Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mute Monday: Secretariat's and Boxer's B-Days!



Derby hats make me smile. And some of them make me hungry!

Happy MY Day!

Buzz Kill said...

That is definitely an original take on this theme. And I wouldn't want any of them sitting in front of me - especially the boxer guy.

Happy MM.

Boxer said...

First, thanks for my very own Boxer Babe, I wouldn't want him doing anything but just standing there, so you did good.

The hats!!!!! *sigh* Why can't we wear them everyday? I just spent four days shading my head with one and I was a bit sad to pack it away last night. Great idea for today's Mute.

XOXO - Happy MM.

fishy said...

Love, Love, LOVE the hats! Our Mermaid is going to the opening of Keenland ( Lexington, KY) next weekend, and to the Kentucky Derby
(Louisville, KY) the first Saturday in May. Her spring b'day present was a hat for the Derby, plus a new dress, shoes and a clutch. This post makes me wish I had taken a photo of the hat! Great fashionista post of the derby day festivities!

WOW! to the absman for Boxer's birthday present. I am sure she is smiling, maybe salivating.

Ree said...

Holy Tamales. My birthday is May 6th. Can I have a piece of that boxer, too???? Please???

Aunty Belle said...

Awesome!! (The hats, I mean)

Nothing like a hat to make a girl feel fit fer a derby.
(What that other thang makes a girl fit fer? I ain't sayin' nuthin.')

Heather Cherry said...

Of COURSE you did a fashion take on this. Why didn't I think of that? Fab.

pamokc said...

Fashion statement horse-race attendee hats! Great idea and I had to pause a little longer on that last photo ;)

having my cake said...

I just love fabulous millinery. The hats are the best things about weddings and days at the races. Happy MM x

CHEF TROLL said...

Great take. Blogger Summit on Derby Weekend! You supply the hats and I'll supply the cave.

Happy Secretariat's Day!

moi said...

Secretariat: When I was little, one of our horses ate my beloved Easter hat. Was I ever pissed.

Buzz: I can make a fashion post out of just about any topic :o).

Boxer: I was going to send him to you in person and then I thought, uh, Mr. Boxer would no likee. So, he has to give you virtual greetings.

Fishy: How fabulous! I love occasions to dress up.

Ree: You betcha!

Aunty: Tho I adore hats, I actually can't wear many of them. I have a strangely largish head for a girl.

Heather: See reply to Buzz, above.

Pam: Yeah, he pretty, isn't he?

Cake: And to think, once upon a time not so long ago, we gals wouldn't dream of leaving the house without a hat! So weird, huh?

ChefTroll: That actually sounds like fun. But no caves. We're dragging you out into the SUNSHINE!

Vixen said...

I LOVE Derby hats. I would love to go to the races someday just to dress up like that. :)

HappyMonday :)

CHEF TROLL said...


We'll just sleep in the caves. Or tents. Plenty of time for sunshine.

Ask Fishy how much Mermaid is paying for a Hotel Room during Derby Week and how far in advance she booked it.

Trust me, Caves and Tents are the only options at this point!

moi said...

Vixen: I think grown ups need special dress up days like this at least a couple times a year.

Troll: Ja, I can imagine. BUT, homie don't camp. No siree.

kmwthay said...

Moi! I love these hats! Great post!

LATC said...

LOVE the hats!! Great MM!

K9 said...

i love these. i wanted to get one, but i bought another straw cowboy hat. maybe i will put some big silk flowers on it and a mint julep. happy MM!! and happy birthday to the wild animals.

Boxer said...

I'm down with the next blog summit being in a southern, sandy WARM climate.

and with hats.