Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The United States of Am-Mexi-Can?

It could happen. Just check this out. And this. And finally, this.

Now, I'm not sure what the socio-political-economic implications would be of such a union of our three countries into one (Bill?), but based on this glib bit of verbage:

The SPP recognizes that our three great nations are bound by a shared belief in freedom, economic opportunity, and strong democratic institutions.

It kinda smells like teen spirit to me. I mean, really? That statement's so whitewashed it makes Strom Thurmond look like the poster boy for National Drag Queen Day.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Canadians. In fact, I recently discovered that a gal for whom I have the utmost professional respect and personal liking is, despite all evidence to the contrary, most thoroughly Canadian. And I got over it.

Likewise, I have nothing against our brethren to the south. Hell, I could even be Mexican for all we know. Because every time I visit a foreign country, complete strangers regularly launch into a steady barrage of such giddy, hola seniorita, que tals? that I finally have to open my mouth and speak English to dissipate their enthusiasm. So, no problems there.

Finally, do we need even more fair trade between the three countries? Hundreds of thousands of college students still make the pilgrimage to Mexico each springtime, purchasing along the way enough buckets of Coronitas, hookers, and cheap motel rooms to keep Napoleon's army, were it still to exist, more than satisfied. That's mucho, mucho dinero right there, people. And have you been to Scottsdale/Phoenix/Vegas/Santa Fe/Sedona in the winter months lately? Eh?

No, my objection to a union of this sort is more along these lines:

1. We already have a Cowboy ethic in Congress. Do we really need to add to the mix Banditos and Mounties? Who will be in charge? The guys with the biggest guns or the purdiest outfits?

2. Socialized medicine. Based on what friends and relatives living with it tell me, you can DIE just waiting in line for cold medicine. My cousin, she may have breast cancer but NO ONE in Germany can examine her yet and give her an accurate diagnosis because she still hasn't filled out the paperwork correctly. Eight months and counting . . .

3. Canadians export beer. Mexicans tequila. A fine combination, yes, but what happens when those exports meet in the middle in Kansas City? Does that mean the Midwest suddenly becomes Party Central? Uh, that can't be good. Can it? I just don't know if I'm ready for Iowa to become the new South Beach.


Doris Rose said...

veddy interesting. I will read more then comment. Might be a good thing...and it might be very bad.

BOSSY said...

But, you know, America's just so small and all.

Wicked Thistle said...

But Moi, if we consolidate we can get rid of the big fence down south, stop spending federal dollars defending our border, and--finally!--officially add "ay" to our vocabulary!

Anyway, it'll never happen. 'mericans like being the boss too much. We just don't play well with others.

The Head-Basher said...

"Now, I'm not sure what the socio-political-economic implications would be of such a union of our three countries into one...?"

Ask and ye shall receive.

The answer is very simple and has been in plain view for many years. It is just one more slow and gradual step toward - One World Government. The ramifications of that are NOT benign! Instead of having to bribe politicians in countries all over the world to do their bidding, the 100+/- richest "old money" families who control approximately 30-40% of the wealth in the entire world (a mind-boggling figure)would only have to infiltrate/control one body.

To anyone who thinks that this could "never happen" (most of my friends included), or thinks that this is the stuff of delusional conspiracy theories - the FACTS speak for themselves. The problem is that most people only evaluate things individually, in a vacuum of time - the present time, with no regard for related preceding events. One has to step back and survey events over time to see the big picture clearly.

One world government, where ultimate power is held in the hands of a very select few, is not something that can be accomplished in short order. Nobody would accept such a thing if it were attempted suddenly. So the process evolves slowly over time (many decades) in a manner that is almost imperceptible by most.

The plan for a world government has been explicitly stated many times and the roadmap has been laid out as well. First the world will be grouped into three major entities: The European Union, the Union of North & South America (Hugo Chavez has put a serious monkey wrench into this one - for now), and the Asian block. Each will have their own (new) currency, (Google the "Amero currency" if you doubt this). Each will, initially, pretend to maintain authority over their own countries by still holding elections; however, in reality, each country is beholden to the un-elected elite who rule the block of countries. The EU officials are the prime current example of this. Long story short - eventually the three merge into one.

Now for the biggest stumbling block!

The New World Order (NWO) that George H.W. Bush (the Moron's dad) spoke of was not just some phrase he made up - it is real. The biggest stumbling block to the NWO of one world government is America. Americans take (took) their freedom and independence seriously. So the biggest challenge for the NWO camp was: how to get them to give-up those freedoms and accept governance from some outside body? And, since they are seriously armed to the hilt, how do you get them to succumb voluntarily?

These questions as well as various answers have also been posed out in the open for all to see if they chose to look. Proposed ways to get Americans to voluntarily submit are: 1) Perpetrate or use a major, shocking event to make the people fearful and forfeit their rights for safety; 2) Promote the believe that something threatens the entire planet and we must all forego our individual needs/interests to those of the "greater good"; 3) Bankrupt the country.

All three of the above scenarios were discussed as far back as the 1960's. (See the book, "Tragedy & Hope," by Carroll Quigley - a college professor of Bill Clinton's.) As an aside, if you didn't know this, The PATRIOT Act was written in 1995 or 1996. Due to the clear destruction of Americans' rights that it was to enable, it clearly wouldn't have stood even a remote chance of passing without a catalyzing event FIRST. So it just sat idle ... laying in wait. (Didn't it ever cross anyone's mind how such a massive, 600+ page, piece of legislation magically appeared within 3 days of 9/11?)

Numbers 1 and 3 have already happened. With regard to #3 - we are already bankrupt, the loans just haven't been called in YET! The general population is blissfully unaware and will remain so ... until the financial house of cards implodes. For now, we're in a stupendous, euphoric wonderland again. The stock markets only go up! Inflation is non-existent (according to the Gov't) - if you feel otherwise, it's just your imagination!) The housing bust is already done - see how painless that was? - and happy times of home equity extraction and McMansion expansion will commence again in short order!

When (not IF) the levy breaks, it will make the 2000 Tech bust seem like child's play. This event, when it happens, will coincide with the destruction of the US Dollar and will serve as the impetus for the completion of the North American Union and its new currency, the Amero. The public, who's dollars will have evaporated in value, will virtually beg for the promoted "savior" of the day - the Union and it's Amero!

That, dear cousin, is the "socio-political-economic implication!"

What is the timing of all this? I wish I knew, but my best guess is that the serious pain is still 2-4 years out.

One last thing - now it should be perfectly clear why there is no serious effort to stop illegal immigration!

The Head-Basher said...

Holy crap - just read my own post and realized I went into full "rant" mode!


Didn't intend for it to sound so mean, the whole thing just really pisses me off. You already know that and are used to my rants. Your friends don't - so to them, my sincere apologies.

Maybe it would be better if I just kept my mouth shut and left your blog alone. Don't think you wanted it to turn political.