Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol Snark Station: And Then There Were Five

Will probably win it. The purest pop/rock voice of any of the contestants on the show, and although I hate 30 Seconds From Mars and bands of their ilk, he'd be the perfect front man for something like that. Make a lot of money, do a lot of drugs, waste a lot of good food in restaurants, sleep with a lot of shady women, end up on VH1 Behind the Music. And later, play the casino circuit.

Jacob: I didn't dislike his first performance as much as the judges did, but dudes, a harp on a Nazareth song? A freakin' HARP? That just wasn't okay with me.

Lauren: The girl can sing just about anything, but I think I finally have to admit it: I just don't care. She still seems, as I think Pam pointed out a while back, half baked. Unformed. In need of something above and beyond what she's been doing, so that she doesn't come off as just another carrieunderwoodkellyclarkson clone.

Scotty: For someone so young and funny-lookin', he's amazingly confident on stage and no doubt about it, he has a great, very versatile voice.

Haily: Is it wrong that I liked her rendition of "House of the Rising Sun"? Maybe. But I did. The problem with her, though, is that I think she wants to be a star more than she wants to be a musical artist. That great smoky tone that's going on in her voice could land her firmly in the alt-country genre, if only she were more than just a face and a voice, if, say she could play an instrument, write songs, front a band. As it stands, she still remains firmly in karaoke land as far as I'm concerned.


Pam said...

Awww, I guess blogger ate my comments .... trying again!

Durbin: Secured the cougar vote with his tears over his family; now has to fight down the fact that Randy declared him the winner; and I can't remember what else I said.

Jacob: ZZZZZ and I totally agree with you about HARP on a Nazareth song. Although I did like how he sang it. But I think he is in danger.

Lauren: Gotta bake some more. This girl can sing, but I never remember it afterwards. She has no personality to carry it. She needed to wait a few more seasons (if Idol is still going) ...

Scotty: Love him, but his days are numbered on the show. A born performer, though.

Hailey: This was the first night that she was my favorite. She's still a tramp though. Didn't know the first song but thought she did well enough. But good thing the judges hammered her, because she came out swinging on HOTRS and did a great job. One of my fave performances this season, which is surprising, since I really want to dislike her. Something has changed with her ... has she quit trying to please the judges and audience and going with her instinct? If so, it is working well for her. She might be a finalist with the Durbin.

moi said...

Pam: That would be pretty hilarious—all along we're hatin' on Hailey and she's a finalist :o)