Friday, December 7, 2007

Dawg Tired?

Too ding dang bad.

Put on your Party Shoes, Party People, pour yourself a glass of champagne and get going. It's Blog Party Weekend!

Two things I know for sure:

1. I'm wearing these shoes and I don't care.

2. I need a really beeg drink.

Cheers to all!


Meghan said...

Oh my... the pup picture made me go all sqeeeeshy inside.

And, those shoes are divine. I want to slip into them (as well as some slinky, body-skimming dress) and go get my party on with you.

I was wild woman just two years ago. Don't you doubt it.

*le sigh*

moi said...

You, my dear, are still a wild woman. Don't YOU doubt it. Party on . . .

Anonymous Boxer said...


pretty shoes.

iamnot said...

Those are some pretty party shoes.
If I didn't hate dancing so much....

ArtfulSub said...

You're at my table and I'm enjoying stuffing all that great food you made into my mouth.

But that's preventing me from charming the other seat-mates with my warm and witty comments.

Wendy said...

Love the shoes. They're making my Doc Martens all jealous.

Luka said...

Those are shoes I can relate to. And covet. But will they end up kicked in the corner with all the others, when the dancing begins?

Medbh said...

I could not even walk in my kitchen in those things.
Too high!
I was online all freaking day looking for a party dress and couldn't find anything I liked.

Stepherz said...

Those pups are awesome-- great pic!

Those shoes are pretty awesome too-- my feet hurt looking at them though! ;-)

Blazngfyre said...

Now those are some partaaaaaay shoes!

Let's hit the dance floor and put those shoes to use!


Aunty Belle said...

Honey!! Whar' ya wearin' them high steppin' beauties??

Holy hannah--doan let uncle see ya in them thangs--he's a soft touch fer any lady in spikey shoes. Heck, he might even give ya one of his best ceegars--BAck Porch only.

Did ya tr mah la-di-dah Coulibiac???

she said...

looks like there are going to be four tired dogs tonight. grrrherhahahaha what is with all the shoes on these posts? see if you can make aunty belle post her shoes...i met her. she was barefoot the whole time. grrherha!

i avoid dancing by running the "video" lifes good behind the camera. *right iamnot?*

* of course, i can do the "thriller" dance perfectly. im not kidding. micheal jackson good. but not now...maybe after i *fuse*

moi said...

Hello, and welcome, Party People! To explain the shoes: I have many serious jones(es?). In fact, I guess you could say I'm an equal opportunity enthusiast. But shoes, glorious shoes, are one of my true, true loves. And pit bulls. But only if they don't eat the shoes. That would just be wrong.

Gypsy said...

Hi Moi
Just wanted to stop in and say Happy Holidays from Australia. I am going to have to be on my way soon as my weekend is almost over. Love the pic of the dogs and your last post too. Made a lot of sense.

The shoes are beautiful but I would fall flat on my face if I attempted to walk in those. 20 years ago, not a problem.....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wicked Thistle said...

IT'S A PARTY!! Maybe you'll wear those shoes to our January meeting? Would love to see your graceful walk in those. I've got some lovely blue thangs I could drag out from under the boxes and bags and general mayhem of my closet. In fact, maybe we need to celebrate Nanowrimo with a shoe party! 'Tis the season and all, you know.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for everything you did to the party such a happy event. Truly appreciated.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey--ya survived AB's party?? Shoes still in yore possession?

thought any Nanowrimos would git a kick out of my Mute Monday entry fer this week's theme:


Still lookin' fer ya take on
No Country!!